Sony Applies For 2 Blockchain Patents

August 6, 2018

Sony plans receiving a patent for its developed blockchain operation method. The two of such applications have already been published by the US Patent Office and titled “Electronic Node and Method for Maintaining a Distributed Ledger” and “Device and System”.

The case shows that along with its other projects Sony is developing hardware blockchain solutions. The documents also prove that Sony is going to use these hardware systems in its future projects.

Until this moment Sony lodged patent applications for solutions related to educational data arrangement or security.

The first application includes two components: hardware node and method which enables blockchain functioning which is also called mining process. In general, the application describes a situation with nodes forming up a network. The latter one resembles that of Bitcoin. Putting it in other way, there is going to be a free access digital currency network.

According to the documents, methods applied by Bitcoin blockchain may become constituent part of the distributed ledger. Mining and PoW are the mechanisms that already used there. It is also likely to have some reward system for mined coins.

Sony does not say it is going to develop its own digital currency yet leaves this opportunity open.

The second application covers methods for network security. The network includes several nodes and Sony plans increasing their number with virtual nodes for higher security.

In general, both applications are focused on hard- and software support of the DLT operations.


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