Ethereum to Get Top-Level Domain Name

August 6, 2018

Minds + Machines Group Limited (MMX), a provider of end-to-end domain services, announced a partnership with the second largest cryptocurrency project in the world Ethereum. The partnership will allow Ethereum Name Service (ENS) to obtain a top-level domain name.

According to the announcement, users of Ethereum will be able to register addresses with a top-level domain .luxe, that will be launched soon. .luxe stands for Let U Xchange Easily. The domain is expected to be launched in October this year.

Any .luxe domain can be integrated with the Ethereum network, Ethereum decentralized apps, smart contracts, and distributed storage. Users will be able to select a desirable domain name, that will later have the functions of the identification of Ethereum assets instead of current forty symbols addresses. In addition to that, .luxe will allow names "resolve over the Internet in the normal way for email or web-based traffic". Users will be able to perform regular Internet activities with the same address they use for Ethereum and Ethereum related services.

Ethereum Name Service was launched more than a year ago with an automated registrations method, that allows users to register .eth names in a form of an auction. The service is one of the steps of the network on the way to mass adoption. It allows users to create better perceived addresses, for example john.eth.


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