Turkey Declares Establishing First University Blockchain Center

August 6, 2018

According to the Turkish news agency named Sabah, the country opened the first University blockchain center that is aimed primarily on providing broad distributed ledger integration in all fields of state activities.

BlockchainIST – that's how the country's first blockchain center located in Bahçeşehir University (BAU), Istanbul, was named. Bora Erdamar, the head of the innovative center, told, the organization is to become the key center of research and development in Turkey with scientific studies made in the DLT domain.

The director of the center is convinced, with this organization Turkey has got all odds to take up the lead in innovations that are able to modernize the humanity. He also added that the center needs close partnership with other universities, institutes, firms and corporations as well as governmental units to operate efficiently and bring studied theory to practice.

Bora Erdamar also stated that Turkey today is getting digital and takes measures to keep in the pace with the digital leading countries yet noted he still does not have full idea how the country’s government treats cryptocurrencies.

It must be noted that late autumn 2017 Turkey authorities took hard line against the major cryptocurrency after the state Directorate of Religious Affairs claimed Bitcoin being incompatible with Islam. Despite this several months after the statement Turkey’s Nationalist Movement Party deputy chair proposed measures to control crypto industry and mentioned the need in introducing the national digital currency called “TurkCoin”.


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