South Korean Company to Apply Blockchain in Genome Data Transfer

August 7, 2018

South Korea-based biotechnological company Macrogen is going to apply blockchain for safe transfer of genetic data of its customers to other organizations. With this technology enabled the company plans to protect private information against leaks and hacks.

Macrogen offers services in DNA sequencing. The company has partnered up with the Bigster firm that is focused on big data. Under this collaboration the partners will develop a blockchain network for genome data transfer.

Genome data of the customer are required for making a diagnosis and ordering treatment. They are also used by pharmaceutical companies in creating new medications.

The companies plan to develop blockchain network with access granted against invitation. It will be given to pharmaceutical companies, research institutes, hospitals and startups that analyze genetic information. The invited members will act as nodes of the decentralized network so the data will be accessible for approved participants only.


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