Sky Mining Investors Urge For US

August 8, 2018

About one thousand users have signed a petition on deportation of Le Minh Tam, CEO of Sky Mining. The participants of the petition insist on deporting Tam from the US as he embezzled about $40 million invested by more than 5,000 investors to this project.

The petition aimed at immediate deporting of Le Minh Tam from the US was posted some days ago at and for today around 1,000 investors signed it.

The case is not the first attempt to get funds back taken by the Sky Mining users. Back in June information on probable scam revealed so a number of lawsuits were filed against the company and its founder with some investors numbered 20 lodged a scam application to the Vietnam police.

The deceived users insist on all the heads of the company to be deported from Germany and the US. Then they must come to Vietnam and handle all open issues there.

Remember that Sky Mining attracted over 5,000 investors in less than half a year. The project is aimed at leasing mining farms. The founders tried to convince their investors they own a number of farms in about 30 locations in Vietnam. The investors put up over $35 million to this project via a series of digital currency mining transactions with cost varying from 100 to 5,000 dollars. Just like other schemes of this kind the founders were telling moon promises of sky-high revenues, guaranteed invested asset recovery and munificent referral system.


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