Goldman Sachs To Launch Crypto Storing Platform

August 8, 2018

Investment banking company Goldman Sachs plans launching a service for digital currency funds to store their funds.

This news implies that acknowledged and reliable corporation in the field of traditional finance is going to be in charge for security of digital assets of its users thus eliminating risks caused by regular hacks and other incidents reoccurring today in the crypto sector.

The corporation’s top-level official proposal will allow for the digital currency-related funds to obtain secure standby while launching virtual asset class for a number of new large investors who used to have some concerns earlier about putting up their money in dingy cryptocurrency industry. Given the service functions well on the market, the company is going to offer its customers some new services like brokerage.

Today the issue of creating such a storage is still open. Everything will depend on the need in such a project on the market. As the company’s chair said, they are studying the market for demand in a crypto service and its integrability.


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