Twitter Study Revealed 15,000 Scam Bots

August 8, 2018

A group of researchers from Duo Security has conducted a study which found out some decentralized network of around 15,000 digital currency scam bots in Twitter.

The team analyzed through about 90 million Twitter accounts with technological adaptation method for bot classifier provided that it were only the last 200 messages out of all studied accounts where a 15,000-bot network was detected as well as fake accounts of popular persons and corporations involved in the crypto industry.

Given the consumer psychology, the prospects that internet users a likely to trust actively promoted tweet with driven up comments, likes and reposts rather than ordinary one are higher so that is the reason why scammers create these bots.

Victims of the hackers who tried to steal their personal data have long altered their nicknames in Twitter to restrict access to their crypto assets.

Note that one of the most popular rooking schemes today is the so called giveaways. For instance, early this spring another study of public scam in the digital currency domain was conducted by the ChainAnalysis company.

Huge number of scam investigations and surveys in the crypto sector demonstrates immaturity and inadequacy of the market which stirs more mistrust among would-be investors.


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