Opera Launches Crypto Wallet

August 8, 2018

Norway-based company Opera Software has declared launching crypto wallet as desktop internet browser.

The developer told that creating a desktop-wallet would help resolving the two basic problems for crypto users who use Opera browser.

The first problem is that now users will not have to install and customize extension in the browser on their PCs. From that moment on any Opera user can access their browser account on smartphone app with wallet via scanning QR-code that will grant access for the wallet later.

The second problem is that secured method of system smartphone blocking will also be used as key storage which will help users verify transactions with their fingerprints thus replacing the outdated way of using long passwords. All keys that administer access to crypto funds will be stored on users' smartphones only.

Charles Hamel who is in charge of the Opera Crypto project noted that they have eliminated the need in enabling complex extensions or side apps by integrating crypto code into the browser.

Creating this wallet is one of the key long-term tasks in the Opera Software strategy. The objective is aimed at developing functionality for exacting customers and attracting new users.


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