US Government Testing Blockchain-Based Voting

August 8, 2018

The government of the US state of West Virginia has declared to start testing the technology of distributed ledger. The project is purposed to adopt blockchain into the voting system to make the whole process easier for the US citizens abroad.

Traditionally, voters with US citizenship occurred to be abroad during election for some reason could apply, ask for a voting paper and take the poll for a candidate in absentia. The system however was quite horrific as post services citizens use to receive and send papers are not perfect. For instance, two years ago 16% of militaries who asked for necessary document failed to receive it thus having lost their votes.

Late spring this year West Virginia became the first state to allow voters take the poll in federal elections via telephone and distributed ledger.

Voters from two districts of West Virginia who stayed abroad during election time could participate at preliminary elections to the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate early May via smartphone app. In addition, they could vote at the beginning of spring even as US citizens with this status have a right to cast a vote 45 days before the appointed date.

Note that despite successful practice of applying DLT in elections, the country's citizens doubt that blockchain-based voting will replace the conventional one, at least in the nearest future.


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