Decision on Bitcoin-ETF Deferred

August 8, 2018

According to the latest report on crypto market by the Canaccord Genuity company that is focused on digital asset management, the decision on licensing Bitcoin-ETF traded on the platform is likely to be taken in 2019.

One of the leading decentralized investment companies of Canada named Canaccord Genuity has published a quarterly report which covers some unresolved issues the company is busy with. Those mentioned include “security-token” as well as the most significant price fluctuations for the main cryptocurrencies over the last months.

The document also describes problems of bitcoin-ETF and its licensing the crypto community began putting high hopes on after the companies like “VanEck” and “SolidX” claimed to present their digital project at the securities platform of СВОЕ.

The Canaccord Genuity spokesmen told that they clearly understand huge demand for bitcoin-ETF existing today in the crypto community and note that the SEC seems to delay the decision for as much as possible till early spring 2019. Meanwhile there are some odds that the regulator make take it this Friday.


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