Litecoin Transfers Available Via SMS And Telegram

August 10, 2018

Zulu Republic has presented a Lite.IM software test version. The application is to allow users transfer Litecoin using text messages or Telegram.

With specific test commands executed by user Lite.IM will be operating with the Liteсoin digital currency, Telegram-based control will be implemented in the beta-version. Telegram-bot will provide options for checking account balance and information about the addressee.

Zulu Republic developers believe Telegram to be one of the most secure messengers today. Apparently this was the reason for the test version to employ Telegram.

The basic concept of the software is text messages containing certain commands which is aimed to help users from countries with limited internet access. Fund transfer services are available for anyone as only 30% of the world population own smartphones. That is why SMS-based operations with Litecoin without network access will attract more digital currency users.

Litecoin developer Charlie Lee has posted a link to Lite.IM in Twitter, suggested his followers to install it and try to transfer the currency with the messenger. In addition, he approved the work of the Zulu Rebublic team and noted that bear market is the perfect moment to work on digital currency adoption.


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