Thai Police Arrested Actor on Accusations of Participating in $24 Mln Crypto Scam

August 13, 2018

Bangkok Post reports that Thai police arrested the famous 27-year-old Thai actor Jiratpisit Jaravijit ​​on charges of participating in a $24 million cryptocurrency scam and money laundering. 

Jaravijit was detained with his older brother, his sister, and four other suspects following a complaint from a Finnish man Aarni Otava Saarimaa. The complainant claims that he and several other foreign investors were lured by Jaravijit and his partners in crime into a cryptocurrency scam and lost 797 million Thai baht (about $24 million) in cryptocurrency. The actor denies his involvement in the crime. 

According to the report, Jaravijit had been promoting a cryptocurrency project called Dragon Coin. Investors did not receive any dividends for their investments, yet they were not invited to shareholders' meetings. Thailand's Crime Suppression Division states, that a gang behind this cryptocurrency scam withdrew BTC of investors to their e-wallets and exchanged it into Thai baht.


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