Microsoft Suggests Integrating Safe Runtime Environment in Blockchain

August 13, 2018

With reference to the information of several new patents by Microsoft one can say that the company plans employing the TEE system in some of its distributed ledger-based projects.

The documents provided by the US Patent and Trademark Office describe the TEE as “a pre-determined type of blockchain or other security protocol code [in] validation node.”

The project will be focused on “TEE attestation”, i.e. checking system users who have data and information secured by nodes. In the traditional distributed ledger node is just a point of connection able to receive, transfer and store information.

The company has also highlighted the advantages of adopting TEE to the DLT. Those mentioned include:

1. This kind of integration will help at establishing distributed ledger networks under temporary enterprise incorporation. The first node will have integrated preset member list with TEE attestation used to securely join new participants in this list.

2. ТЕЕ will allow for verifying distributed ledger transactions by the members, including entities of preset participants.

In addition, the Microsoft corporation told on its new DL-based project named “Ethereum on Azure” that when implemented would provide customized and versatile Ethereum for organizations of the whole industrial system.


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