Playboy Filed Suit Against Canadian Blockchain Startup

August 15, 2018

CoinDesk reports, the notorious organization Playboy has brought accusations against Canada-based blockchain startup and lodged a lawsuit. According to the organization, the startup had not followed to the terms of the contract they made in 2018.

End of summer Playboy has filed a claim to state that it had contracted with the startup back in spring under which the developers were to integrate Vice Industry Token (VIT) with its adult entertainment platforms.

The token was supposed to be used as a reward to users for video views and comments.

The organization also reported to present digital currency wallet at its website soon. End of spring the startup claimed, together with Playboy it would develop this wallet.

According to the contract, this project implemented, Global Blockchain Technologies (GBT) was to provide free technical support and transfer $4 million due to Playboy for using its brand in ads. The funds were supposed to be repaid on July 16.

In addition, the startup had to modify the brand in order to make it oriented primarily on video entertainment industry.

Playboy has stated, the startup neither rendered technical support, nor modified the brand, nor paid $4 million. Moving on, Global Blockchain Technologies made use of the company’s brand with the view to lure investors and claimed steady implementation of the Playboy project.

GBT president Shidan Goura said, Playboy has cast groundless accusations yet did not disclose the VIT matters.


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