Fantasy Football League to Raise $100 Million in ICO

August 16, 2018

The blockchain startup Crow League plans to attract about 100 million dollars to develop a new form of fantasy football.

The creator of the idea told that his primary goal was to establish a professional fantasy football league that is to include first and foremost 12 clubs owned by fans via digital currency platforms. To some extent this league will not differ from other fantasy ones but its key feature will be that it is to become a company jointly controlled by professional managers and owned by wider public.

The CrownThrown Inc. Deputy head Dan Nissanoff noted that fantasy football today got fragmented and nobody is interested in the others. One of the objectives Crown League has set is integrating fantasy-fans and providing them an opportunity to manage unified team on blockchain. These clubs will be controlled by game managers while toke users will be able to vote or replace club managers.

In addition this organization has announced digital coin pre-sale that is supposed to raise $30 million in three months.

After the pre-sale 12 ICOs $5 million each are planned with each one presented by a single club and available for the wide audience after getting licensed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

The platform will start in beta-mode in winter this year. Full-fledged launch is planned for summer 2019.


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