Crypto Investor to Sue Communications Operator for $224 Million

August 17, 2018

American investor has filed a $224-million-worth lawsuit against the AT&T telecommunication company due to its negligence which made the complainant lose around 224 million dollars in crypto.

Michael Terpin has lodged a 70-page-suit to the Los Angeles district court against his communication services provider. In this claim he points out that he lost $24 million in cryptocurrency because a hacker stole his private account digital data on his smartphone.

The suffered told that his account has been hacked for the second time over the last half a year and noted, the АТ&Т company is either cooperates with this hacker or just negligent and unable to maintain proper security level for its users.

The victim told that after the first time the insider partnership gave the hacker a chance to access the Terpin’s phone number without password and steal cryptocurrency from his account.

According to the suffered, he expects $200 million as punitive measures and $24 million as compensation for the incurred damages.


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