Norway-Based Mining Organization Received Explosion Threat

August 20, 2018

Mining firm from the Norwegian cities Dale and Follum named Kryptovault has reported to receive explosion threats.

The organization’s deputy head Gjermund Hagesaeter stated in an interview, that soon after the threat the firm applied to the local police and called for the team to cheer up and keep on working but stay cautious and report on any suspicious thing they may find.

Gjermund Hagesaeter told that the crypto company took the problem quite seriously and asked the police what they need to do next. The director added that the office in Dale is especially vulnerable as it is located in a more passable area.

The conflict itself occurred due to misunderstanding on the issue of mining farms and the locals.

Criminal said in his statement:

“This is sabotage. If you are expanding crypto mining and filling the country with noise, then you will be sabotaging the peace. I am threatening to send you some explosives”.

Note that Follum’s mining farm has got around 10 employees. Kryptovault is the digital currency mining company that lends its customers mining capacities and operates portable PCs for Bitcoin mining.


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