Artist Ai Weiwei Uses ETH in Creating Works of Art

August 20, 2018

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has announced its new art-project he plans to use some new Ethereum-based digital coins in.

Together with Irish conceptualist Kevin Abosch Ai Weiwei Ай have created two new crypto coins. As the Chinese artist said, this project is an attempt to demonstrate how value is perceived by the contemporary society and how it gets integrated in it.

The project was called Priceless. As its creators note, it includes two new coins with one of them being publicly available, which means that anyone can acquire this currency. The second one is not accessible for everyone.

Remarkable enough, crypto wallet addresses that already had some default amount of PRCLS have been sold to customers. Each of the addresses demonstrated some “priceless moment” that showed how cryptocurrency can represent value.

Ai Weiwei spoke in on the distributed ledger technology and added that blockchain for him is “an opportunity to set up a new system that could dismantle the old system, or at least offer a new possibility for communication”.


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