Three Hackers Stole $87 Million in Crypto in China

August 20, 2018

Police of the People’s Republic of China has detained three persons suspected of hijacking crypto assets to the total tune of $87 million. As the authorities say, the case became the country’s largest crypto asset-involving steal.
Crypto portfolio of 600 million yuan worth was stolen via hacking. The criminals attacked both personal and corporate computers. The case was initiated by the police of the Shaanxi province to the north of the country. In March 2018 the suffered applied to police as his computer was hacked and 100 million yuan (15 million dollars) in Bitcoin and Ethereum stolen.

“Our bureau has not dealt with this kind of case before. It’s the first virtual currency-related case in Shaanxi», police officer stated.

Before the arrest hackers were kept under observation which proved their involvement in other crimes as well.
Cryptocurrency popularity growth has resulted in increased number of crimes that fuel speculations on the future of cryptocurrencies. There are more suits in the Chinese courts involving cryptocurrencies. At the same time these courts face some problems with taking decisions due to lack of determined regulations and restrictions.


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