39% of Executives Believe, Blockchain Is Overestimated

August 20, 2018

Recent polls show that business directors regard cryptocurrency as a means for resolving blockchain business problems. This is the only thing that appeals while the cryptocurrency itself does not deserve attention.

Deloitte company has conducted a survey that proved that 44% of the American executives voiced an idea that blockchain is overvalued. Over 1000 from Mexico, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, France, China and the USA. 39% of the pollees believe that blockchain is overestimated, the figure in 5% higher for the US, while in 2016 only 34% of the American respondents stuck to that idea.

“Overall, respondents are extremely bullish on blockchain’s potential, namely its ability to broadly scale and reach mainstream adoption. A majority also agreed that blockchain technology will disrupt their industry. Despite these high expectations, 39 percent of respondents agreed that blockchain technology is overhyped, suggesting that even blockchain believers think some of the rhetoric on the technology’s potential is overly optimistic”, Deloitte report states.

The cause for poor practical applicability is explained by numerous niceties in integrating technology into the existing business model. The risk these investments imply is not justified, entrepreneurs say.

At the same time the report notes that about 40% of the pollees plan investing over 5 million dollars in blockchain in 2019.


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