21-Year-Old Bitcoin Trader Faces Imprisonment

August 20, 2018

21-year-old Jacob Burrell Campos was arrested in California on suspicion of money laundering. As police say, Burrell participated in 31 case of money laundering as well as proceeding illegal transactions.

Burrell traded Bitcoin and was a member of a developer team at popular crypto wallet named Edge.

As the state prosecutor’s office states, the accused executed over a thousand Bitcoin transactions to the tune of more than $750,000. About 900 US citizens were reported to employ his services. The accused accepted payment in dollars with commission fee making about 5%.

Initially as the defendant has several citizenships and is not employed officially on the territory of the US, the court ordered imprisonment without bail as Burrell was likely to escape.

Note that after that the court of San Francisco allowed the defendant to go bail in cryptocurrency.


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