Android Application Sells Ethereum Logo for €335

August 22, 2018

Recent tweet by malware researcher Lukas Stefanko has revealed an application at Google Play Store which offers 1 ETH €335. Not only it is almost 100 euro higher than its current market cost, finally the buyers get just a logo of the cryptocurrency.

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At the moment over 100 poor fellows have purchased the app.

The scammers mentioned Google Commerce Ltd. as its developer for the system getting more likely to give green light for the app. And for deceiving many users, of course.

Anyway, the real Google has gone on the war-path during the last months in attempt to protect Play Store users from malwares that make money on the crypto mess. About a month ago Google claimed, it banned distributing mining applications at its Play Store thus trying to establish safe environment for users and developers. Little has changed since, however. And as many users says, finding an application of that kind is still not an issue.


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