Report: Crypto Fraudsters Gained $2,300,000 in Second Quarter

August 22, 2018

A new report published by Kaspersky Lab shows, crypto scammers made $2.3 million over the second quarter of 2018. The Spam and Phishing report takes account of data from April to end of June and states that the company has prevented over 58,000 attempts of its users to visit phishing pages with many of them imitating popular crypto exchanges and wallets.

In addition to the classical phishing attacks generally targeted at seizing access to the victim account and their private keys, crypto criminals have made up new tricks to allure victims and make them give out coins voluntarily.

According to the report, fake crypto giveaways became one of these tricks as they used names of popular ICOs and thus attract investors who wish to get early access to tokens. Sometimes a phishing website just redirects user from the project’s official site.

Meanwhile, Ethereum seems to be fancied most by scammers which is caused by its popularity among ICO projects based on Ethereum. At that the mentioned $2.3 million is taken from data of the 1,000 ETH wallets owned by criminals. The figures do not include traditional phishing sites.

Nadezhda Demidova, the Lab’s chief content analyst, says in the media release:

“The permanence of attacks targeting financial organizations reflects the fact that more and more people are using electronic money. Still, not all of them are sufficiently aware of the possible risks, so intruders are actively trying to steal sensitive information through phishing.”

The report also demonstrates that Asia and South Africa suffered most from scam. To be more exact, Brazil accounted for over 15% of all phishing attacks followed by China and Georgia with 14.44%.


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