Future of Cryptocurrencies: BlockShow Americas Conference Experts’ Views

August 22, 2018

The BlockShow Americas conference dedicated to cryptocurrencies was held on August 20-21, Las Vegas, US. Prominent economic experts presented their speech while discussing the present and future of crypto world.

Fierce was the argument between the 2008 crisis predictor and Roubini Macro Associates CEO Nouriel Roubini and the Celsius network founder Alex Mashinsky. Roubini stated crypto was insecure and there is no democratization and decentralization. Mashinsky in his turn said, “the current system does not work for seven billion people in the world,” while “only people who work on Wall Street can pay their bills.” He added:

“Saying that fintech has nothing to do with crypto is not true”.

As for developing blockchain and cryptocurrencies, some experts voiced uncertainty that cryptocurrency would be used in everyday life. For instance, Austin Kimm noted, “[there is] no real use case, [the industry has] to find a reason why older people will pick up using crypto”.

Eric Benz, co-founder of the U.K. Digital Currency Association, said:

“The size of this ecosystem is an amoeba… At the end of the day from a consumer perspective, I want to know that my money is with me at night”.

LinkedIn Senior Product Manager Manish Sharma suggested giving “power back to the people”, while Dan Itkis, co-founder of GRAFT blockchain payment processor, stated that “blockchain is all about decentralization. The more you could divide through people, the more you are towards decentralization”.

During debates on ETF blockchain media advisor Dallas Santana said, he finds crypto boring as there is no “no real business behind it”. Santana claimed, that the funds that make it good will create portfolios in the “old fashioned way” by studying companies and their business models.


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