Too Noisy: Locals Complain of Mining Farm

August 23, 2018

Kryptovault, a group of miners from Norway, is accused of excess noise and can be ordered to halt its activity due to problems with handling the situation.

As local officials say, Kryptovault has got no operational permits and works illegally. This means that local authorities have rights to suspend the mining farm, for some time at least. CEO Stig Myrseth told, they have already applied for required permits and voiced his confusion as when purchasing paper mill and deploying equipment there it was stated that it had all necessary permits.

The mining farm comprises 9,500 computers, requires up to 40 megawatts and enables special cooling fans. The noise they produce became the reason for complaints.

One of the local citizens Trond Gulestø told, “our summer has been ruined”.

In addition, the company received a letter with threats with some anonymous person promising to send explosives if the company continues working.


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