What Countries Have the Lead in Crypto Rush?

August 27, 2018

There is no doubt that cryptocurrency awareness is on the rise today with acceptance quickly spreading across the globe. Even one of the most closed-off countries, South Korea, is alleged to seize citizen’s computers to mine cryptocurrency illegally.

Some countries, however, have managed to come from behind in this technological revolution as far as digital currency ownership ratio is concerned.

According to the studies by ING with the question “I own cryptocurrency” and sample size of 14,828 individuals from 15 countries Turkey now houses the most of crypto owners in Europe. It showed that 18% of Turks hold cryptocurrencies followed by Romania with 12% of population.

The USA came 6th with 8% right after Poland, Spain and Czech Republic respectively.

Other European countries include Germany (8%), the Netherlands (7%), the UK (6%) and Luxembourg (4%).

According to the data by Germany-based company Statista, in Amsterdam alone at least 12 Bitcoin-ATMs were found as of August 2018.

No doubt, these statistic figures would be much higher if the survey was held in November\December 2017 when Bitcoin was in its heyday of $20,000. For instance, in August 2017 up to 13.99% of the US population owned bitcoins.


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