Major Bitcoin Mining Pool for Ethereum Mining

August 31, 2018

The world’s largest Bitcoin mining pool is getting ready to extend the scope of its operations. that has produced 21% of all mined BTC over the last 12 months and currently makes over 16% of Bitcoin hashrate declared on Thursday it opened Ethereum mining pool.

Initially the pool will be supporting both Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, its users will be able to switch between the two cryptocurrencies via Ethash for higher profits.

bitcoin mining stats is one of the two mining pools owned by Bitmain, the leader among ASIC hardware manufacturers. Earlier this year Bitmain released the first ASIC compatible with the Ethash mining algorithm which had been previously mined by general GPUs.

The announcement triggered heated debates in the Ethereum community on whether the cryptocurrency had to fork to protect itself from ASIC impact, but it hasn’t so far.

Remarkable enough, also noted that it had no worries about Ethereum possibly shifting to the consensus PoS-algorithm Casper which is meant to substitute its current PoW-type Ethash.


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