Bitcoin Adoption on Rise Despite Wall Street Prognosis

August 31, 2018

Square, the company focused on digital payments, has won a payment system patent recently which would allow to sellers accept payments in Bitcoin and altcoins. This correlates with the stream of news on growing Bitcoin adoption despite negative predictions by Jordan Belfort.

In the interview to CNBC Jordan Belfort, whose misdeeds were laid at the basis of the Hollywood’s “The Wolf of Wall Street”, claimed, Bitcoin may get absolutely useless by the end of 2018 with “the bust heard around the world”. Moreover, Jordan stated, people are brainwashed as the cryptocurrency will fade like a mirage soon.

Nonetheless, his prediction is likely to be taken by many rather skeptically due to recent increase in Bitcoin integration in many fields. For example, Square has won a patent for an application lately which will help traders accept crypto along with conventional payment options. The firm wields significant power on the market so adding cryptocurrency payments into the existing POS-system would allow for millions of traders accept Bitcoin without any third party involved.

In addition, Yahoo Finance has integrated Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin trading at its platform. This marks another huge step towards massive Bitcoin adoption which may result in impressive breakthrough of the cryptocurrency by late 2018.


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