Firefox to Block Trackers and Malware Scripts From 2019 On

September 3, 2018

Mozilla browser has always been for information privacy in the net. The company has already developed a mobile browser Firefox Focus to provide anti-tracking information protection. Now it plans integrating this feature to Firefox.

The option is to be included in Firefox 65 and will block malwares that gather information on users as well as mining viruses. The final version is to be released early 2019. The browser will function as follows: it detects pages loading over 5 seconds and blocks them afterwards.

In addition, the browser will be able to block virus-miners like Coinhive, the feature already present in Opera.

Unlike common users, the measure may turn a problem for website creators. Huge number of sites exploit analytics scripts to define platforms and browsers users apply. It is unclear whether such scripts will be blocked by Firefox as well, but anyway Mozilla still has time to test Firefox 65.


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