Google Claims Launching Ethereum Network Data Analysis Tool

September 5, 2018

One of the world’s biggest internet organizations has claimed, it launches new solution to analyze Ethereum distributed ledger data. Some months ago the company has initiated another similar project for the Bitcoin net.

The Internet giant of Google has provided its users with opportunities to directly access the Ethereum net. Note that currently there are some platforms that show information on crypto transactions and crypto wallet addresses yet comprehensive analysis of all data in the Ethereum blockchain has been rather consuming.

Now all Google browser users can read information from the distributed ledger of Ethereum. For example, this instrument can show you the schedule and cost of all transactions in the net.

These schedules are relevant when taking various business decisions. For instance, any Chrome browser user can learn how the Ethereum network works and whether it needs modifications.

In addition, Google has created a brand new interface to visualize smart-contracts.


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