ShapeShift Crypto Platform to Adopt Registering

September 6, 2018

ShapeShift, the platform for digital currency exchange, has declared, it is developing software which if tested successful will be integrated in the platform and get mandatory to register its customers.

Erik Voorhees, the founder, told that the team has launched loyalty software called ShapeShift Membership although the platforms has always been known for its non-registering policy. The purpose of the integration is to augment client security when using the platform.

With reference to the statements by the company board, the software is optional for ShapeShift users but as soon as it is integrated all users will have to register via this program.

Note that during adoption of the registration feature users will be rewarded with some bonuses and perks from the company.

The head of the company also pointed out that despite their attempts to enhance customer security current protection of the platform is still right-on and can handle all external threats.


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