SEC and Goldman Sachs Give Up On Cryptocurrencies

September 6, 2018

Bill Barhydt, the founder of payment crypto startup Abra, advanced his opinion that ВТС-ЕТF won’t be approved in the nearest future.

Moreover, Barhydt believes all denials by the American Commission so far being caused by claimants not meeting the common type of customers the SEC has got used to for today.

According to Barhydt, the claimant the Commission is ready to approve has to be a perfect SEC client who “looks, feels and smells” right. It must be a mature organization so startups or youthful firms are likely to fail.

By the way, yesterday Goldman Sachs refused launching crypto trading division as BTC plunged by 12.5% and the market lost 40 billion dollars in less than 24 hours.


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