Around 80% of Americans Aware of ВТС

September 10, 2018

YouGov organization has published a poll report which proved that about 80% of the respondents are familiar with digital currencies with 70% of Bitcoin and 13% about Ethereum.

The poll was conducted during the last summer days among 1,200 US citizens.

Remarkable enough, despite the large figures, almost 90% of all who heard of the major cryptocurrency have never executed any operation with it while 50% of them don’t wish to touch that matter in the future.

In addition, 19% of the pollees aged 18-34 express huge interest in daily Bitcoin use, 29% show less interest while 50% are not interested in using digital currencies as payment means.

Meanwhile, most of the participants believe that it is Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that will be recognized widely as financial instruments.

25% of the respondents are convinced, the major cryptocurrency is used to the larger extent by scammers and criminals while only 17% said Bitcoin is used for legal trading.

Note that recent poll by Gallup has shown that every fourth American investor is sizing up BTC yet does not plan to purchase it.


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