Leading Crypto Organizations Form Lobbying Group in Washington

September 12, 2018

A number of leading blockchain firms, crypto platforms and startup projects of the digital sector have declared their wish to establish some blockchain coalition to exert influence on the Washington government.

This association is going to focus on promoting and explaining digital currencies and the sector as a whole as well as on changes in legal framework which would help companies create favorable environment between crypto industry and the US government. The most prominent founders of the initiative include Coinbase, Polychain Cap. and Digital Currency Group.

Kristin Smith, currently a blockchain lobbyist at Overstock, was among the first participants of the coalition. She also told one of the Washington’s main news agencies, she would administer the crypto group activity at the initial stages of the project.

Coinbase chief legal and risk management officer Mike Lempres said that the initiative is to combine joint efforts of lots of crypto firms interested in reasonable regulation of the sector.

Remember that early summer Coinbase formed its own politics unit aimed at raising funds to support US election candidates important for the crypto industry.


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