Bank of Russia Holds Experimental ICO

September 13, 2018

The Bank of Russia has declared successful beta-ICO under the project called ‘Sandbox’. Deputy director at the financial development department of the bank Ivan Semagin told at the Eastern Economic Forum, the test of technical features proved positive:

“In the framework of the 'sandbox' ... technically everything went well, but there were a lot of issues from a legal point of view”.

Actually this was the only thing Semagin and the team decided to tell at the conference.

Sberbank together with National Settlement Depository (NSD) used to report earlier, they planned trial ICO. In addition, Sberbank partnered to Alfa Bank to test innovational services for top level customers who work with distributed ledger in the regulative Sandbox by the Bank of Russia. The LevelOne organization that is currently administers one of the largest commercial auditoriums in Moscow will be the eminent.


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