Binance Starts Closed Beta Testing of Crypto-Fiat Exchange in Singapore

September 18, 2018

Binance is going to start closed testing of its new crypto-fiat platform in Singapore, as a tweet by Binance СЕО and co-founder said.

Before posting this in his Twitter account Changpeng Zhao told mentioned it at the blockchain conference in Singapore, which was visited by another prominent figure in the world of digital currencies Tyler Winklevoss, one of the founders and CEO at the Gemini crypto exchange.

Few is known so far on the new project by Binance, but the new platform is supposed to support Singaporean fiat.

Remarkable enough, Binance LCX, the organization founded in partnership with Binance and Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange (LCX) has reported recently it launched new crypto platform in Liechtenstein which would provide exchange options for Swiss Francs and euros to major digital tokens.


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