Coinbase Hired LinkedIn Executive as Vice President

September 20, 2018

Michael Li, the head of data processing and analysis at Linkedln, told, he accepted an offer by the US-based trade platform Coinbase to join it.

Michael Li was employed at Linkedln for 7 years, now he will be vice president of data at Coinbase. Before the appointment Li was in charge of integrating information to platforms that operate in the field of finance, e-commerce and social networks.

Li is convinced that blockchain and digital currency sector has got lots of opportunities to apply data. He is glad to have the chance to establish and promote data application in ever-changing field while integrating innovational solutions and experience.

Remarkable enough, Coinbase keeps on hiring executives from large efficient corporations with a wealth of experience in the industry. Over the last few months the company has employed vice presidents of finance, communication, development as well as directors of finance and legal compliance.

For instance, early spring Emilie Choi, Linkedln ex-manager, joined Coinbase as the head of the company’s acquisition.

Recently the board of the platform has claimed to open new office with hundreds of jobs in New York.


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