Poland’s Largest Bank to Draft Blockchain-Based Customer Notification System

September 24, 2018

The major bank of Poland, PKO Bank Polski, has claimed it is developing a blockchain system to inform clients on alterations in terms of use for bank services. The platform created by the bank together with the technological company Coinfirm was called Trudatum.

“Implementation of Trudatum in such a large institution as PKO Bank Polski is a breakthrough on a global scale”, president of Coinfirm Paweł Kuskowski said.

Users of the new platform will receive an e-mail with a 64-character unique has-identifier. They can visit the bank website and enter their ID to see verified copies of papers that describe new terms of using bank services. The PKO Bank Polski noted that these customers will have access to these documents even if they opt to cease cooperation with the bank.

The bank spokespersons claim the project to be a part of the bank’s greater strategy to become a technological leader in the Poland’s bank sector. Other stages of this strategy include further partnership with various fintech startups for applying blockchain as well as establishing new infrastructure, test environment and venture capital fund.


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