Europol Warns Against Crypto Hacks and Illegal Mining

September 25, 2018

The report by Europol titled “Internet Organized Crime Threat Assessment 2018” warns against increased number of threats related to digital currency theft. Crimes are made via virus programs for crypto mining and hackers are likely to focus on savings of citizens stored at digital currency exchanges.

Early reports by Europol said digital currencies are getting used to finance various illegal projects more often.

In addition, the document mentions a number of terrorist groups that try to gain funds via cryptocurrencies although no such case occurred in the US so far.

Moreover, according to the report the number of possible hacker attacks has also risen for trade platforms, miners and other units. Europol stresses that the risks get doubled for those not controlled by any centralized company.

The authors of the report also point out that hackers are using illegal software for mining or crypto jacking. As to Europol unlawful mining will soon be a common and guaranteed source of income for online criminals.


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