Italy’s Juventus Launches Its Own Crypto Token

September 26, 2018

Italy’s major football club Juventus told it is going to start its digital ‘Fan Token’ following the Frech PSG’s one about a week ago.

The digital currency by Juventus is developed in partnership with blockchain platform to attract more fans. The Fan Token is to be released by late winter 2019.

Just like the PSG's currency developed with the as well, Juventus is going to apply it in voting and polls among the club fans.

The Juventus Football Club today is the leading on in Italy and ranked second in the world’s top clubs list with about 60 million fans.

This year saw international football getting familiar with the digital currency industry. Some British clubs have contracted with еТоro trade platform that is focused on promoting and developing digital currencies and blockchain technology.

Details for acquisition of the token by Juventus are not disclosed so far, but the PSG currency can only be exchanges for the Socios one called chiliZ at its internal market.


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