Survey: Every Fourth Millennial Would Buy Bitcoin

September 28, 2018

A poll among 100,000 of Chinese has proven that 3% of people have already invested in cryptocurrencies while according to survey by Circle one fourth of the millennials would like to put their funds in crypto assets within the next 12 months.

The report also stresses that a half of crypto investors has already allocated over 10% of their capital in crypto assets.

The poll by Circle has shown that 25% of the millenials would like to invest in crypto assets in the upcoming 12 months. On the contrary only 10% of the Z generation men and 2% of the boomers expressed their interest in purchasing cryptocurrencies in the next year.

Among all the pollees men are twice more optimistic about cryptocurrencies with 17% and 8% wishing to acquire them in the nearest future.


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