SEC Sues for Sanctions on ICO PlexCoin

September 28, 2018

The US Securities and Exchange Committee will take measures against the founders of PlехСоin.

The SEC has filed all required papers to the New York Eastern District Court with a request to impose some restrictions and levies on the founders of the project, Dominic Lacroix and Sabrina Paradis-Royer. According to the Committee, initially they ignored the judge’s directions on accounting and recovering all funds raised via this scheme.

Late 2017 the Committee accused the company that created PlехСоin of fraud with all funds urgently frozen by court order.

Mid-summer the Lacroix's assets were frozen again. As the SEC said, he made use of secret accounts as well as the ones owned by his brother illegally administer digital coins obtained from investors of the PlехСоin.

Lacroix was jailed for disregard of the court orders last mid-autumn in Canada. As the local financial regulator said, Lacroix ignored the instructions according to which he was no longer admitted to fund raising.

The SEC told in its latest statement that the founder of the fraud scheme still ignore the orders and are likely to keep on doing so and embezzling investors’ assets.


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