FedEx Joins Hyperledger Blockchain Consortium

September 28, 2018

14 new participants have joined blockchain consortium Hyperledger with FedEX logistics company among them.

According to the consortium’s statement published in September 26, together with FedEx a large electric system manufacturing company Honeywell International and some crypto startups have acceded recently.

Brian Behlendorf, the Hyperledger CEO, told that the association comprises both acknowledged organizations and rather youthful projects that got off lately.

Along with Hyperledger, FedЕх is already participating at similar blockchain associations including Blockchain in Transport Alliance.

FedEx CEO Fred Smith in his turn is highly encouraged by the project and sees it as successful one. He believes blockchain to be applied for supplies monitoring. Weighty is the argument that it is possible to transfer this kind of data publicly among customers as well.


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