$88 Million Laundered With Crypto Exchanges

October 1, 2018

According to the research conducted by Wall Street Journal, around $90 million involved in illegal operations was laundered via 46 digital platforms.

The American news resource has told that over the last 24 months about $10 million has been laundered with ShapeShift AG platform that allowed for anonymous operations. In addition, the amount is considered to be the highest ever laundered via single US-based exchange.

The authors have monitored 2,500 digital wallets allegedly involved in unlawful transactions and found out that about $90 million was laundered via 46 digital platforms with ShapeShift being the largest one by the laundered volume.

Note that the research was not left unnoticed as ShapeShift claimed it was going to abandon its current ‘no-account-exchange’ model and adopt mandatory customer verification to avoid this kind of incidents in the future.


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