Baidu Published White Paper for Its Own Blockchain Network

October 1, 2018

China-based Baidu corporation blockchain lab has presented its first white paper which describes its own blockchain network в Super Chain.

As the developers say, with parallel computing made by super nodes via its multi-core CPUs Super Chain will show higher efficiency when compared with all traditional blockchains:

“The XuperChain is a stereo network that supports parallel chains and sidechains. There is a root chain in the network which manages parallel chains and operating parameters of the entire network, that supports data exchange between different chains. Within this stereo network, the parallel chain can be either a public blockchain or a permissioned blockchain”.

The network is based on ‘pluggable consensus mechanism” and, as the paper says, allows for several parallel chains creating their own mechanisms of that kind.

In addition, Baidu also plans releasing its Super Chain application to provide access for decentralized solutions based on the network. Above all else the paper gives a detailed description of the Baidu BaaS-solution presented in January this year as well as of Super Chain-based blockchain apps: Baidu Totem, Baidu Baike, Duyuzhou, Baidu Association, Treasure Box and Hubert.


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