GMO Releases Zcash Mining Software

October 1, 2018

One of the Japan’s biggest IT-corporations GМО has reported to launch a software for digital currency mining. The solution was called Cryptknocker and is focused primarily on Equihash-based currency mining via GPU.

The team of the company told, users may download free version of the application but will have to repay around 2% of the mined coins to the developers.

The executives also pointed at the fact that the project was purposed for Zcash mining via videocards by NVidia and claimed, their application has got 2% higher efficiency which makes even the customer commission.

Note that this is by far not the first attempt by the company to enter the digital sector amid hard times the industry is now going through.

Remember that according to the August report, the company has made about $2 million of income in the second quarter of this year with the bulk of the amount coming from the crypto sector.


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