Crypto Advocate to Japan’s New Science Minister

October 4, 2018

Prominent politician and blockchain supporter has been appointed as Minister of Science, Technology and IT of Japan. The appointment is a part of the fourth Shinzō Abe's cabinet reshuffle.

Takuya Hirai from the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) is reported to be one of the draftsmen to the law which legalizes crypto exchanges in Japan. He is to take office as the head of the ministry of financial technologies.

As CT Japan stated, Hirai vigorously promoted blockchain during his chairmanship at the Liberal Democratic Party's IT Strategy Special Committee and the Fintech Promotion Parliamentarians’ Federation.

CT Japan also cites to the local media that highlighted Hirai’s positive remarks about ICO in August this year; he also provided consulting for ICO Business Study Group at Tama University's Rule Formation Strategy Institute.

As it has been reported before, the Hirai’s consulting experience at Tama University has shown that the research group elaborated a large list of guiding principles for regulation and full legalization of ICO in the country which is supposed to be officially considered by the Japan’s Financial Services Authority and likely to be adopted within few years.


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