US May Legalize Politics-Related Mining

October 4, 2018

The US Federal Election Commission (FEC) has received a request for legitimate lending of computing capacities for digital mining.

The proposal came from the organization named OsiaNetwork which, if approved, may well become the platform where users will be able to lend their PCs for crypto mining to finance political campaigns.

The document published by the company says that all volunteers will have an opportunity to support their candidates by providing their devices and mining cryptocurrency. The function is available as long as subscription to the company official site goes.

In addition, the executives of the firm tell that all mined digital assets will be available to the candidate only without any interest rate for the volunteers.

OsiaNetwork also notes that any candidate or party may address the company and open a fund to raise all mined digital currencies. Once the option is activated, the company will provide all possible assistance to the would-be sponsors of a party or candidate.


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