Bitmain Acquires Telescope Startup with BCH-Wallet

October 4, 2018

The Bitmain company has claimed earlier this month, it acquires crypto wallet called Telesсоре.

This browser-integrated wallet was launched in winter this year and was primarily purposed for quick Bitcoin Cash transfers. Today the application is supported by Chrome and Mozilla web surfers. Other platforms are to tap in soon.

Тelesсоре provides for signing transfers directly in browser as the wallet stores crypto keys in browser extension. The developers are convinced, storing money assets this way is 100%-safe.

The head of Bitmain international press relations and communications Nishant Sharma claims the wallet is simple yet profound innovation for BCH.

Note that Bitmain owns almost 6% of all BCH tokens which irritates crypto community especially when focusing on the currency devaluation amid bear market.

Curious enough, while the organization had almost one billion dollars in the digital currency last winter, the amount has reduced by at least 25% over the last 10 months.


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