Google Will Protect Chrome Users From Crypto Hackers

October 5, 2018

Google has applied stricter rules for Chrome extension developers. As the company has claimed, these measures are meant to reduce the number of malwares in Chrome Web Store as well as hacking of other applications:

“It's crucial that users be able to trust the extensions they install are safe, privacy-preserving, and performant. Users should always have full transparency about the scope of their extensions' capabilities and data access.”

As the official blog says, now Chrome users will be able to restrict access for browser apps to the pages from user list or for extensions requesting some specific websites. Google also added that applications demanding any kind of suspicious extensions will be subject to extra checks.

“We're also looking very closely at extensions that use remotely hosted code, with ongoing monitoring. Our aim is to improve user transparency and control over when extensions are able to access site data.”

From this week on applications with hidden code will no longer be admitted to Chrome Web Store. If any of such are already present at Store, their developers will be obliged to alter the code within the next 90 days.

Over 70% of malwares blocked by Google have obfuscated code. As obfuscation is used primarily to hide code, this complicates the process of checking extensions. But now with the alternation this scenario cannot be applied anymore.

In addition, starting from the next year all extension developer accounts must have two-step authentication to manage hacking risks.

Earlier some Chrome apps were applied for simpler access to victim device including with the purpose of crypto jacking, i.e. remote seizure of computing capacities of the infected device for digital currency mining.

For instance, last month hackers compromised official Chrome-extension for cloud service Mega. Finally, MyEtherWallet and MyMonero users as well as IDEX platform account owners who downloaded the extension fell victims of the attack and lost some share of their crypto savings.


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